Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric Dentists

A Beginner’s Guide To pediatric dentist Services

The happy smile of children is priceless and most parents would want the smile of their child to stay strong and bright. This is where an experienced pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi can be of great help to you.

They are able to offer high-quality and friendly dental care, which will focus on meeting not just the current dental needs of your child but also set the foundation for a healthy and positive future.

However, parents often wonder when to start seeing a pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi for their kids. It is best to schedule a visit to a reliable and trustworthy dental clinic after the eruption of your kid’s first tooth. This usually happens around twelve months. That says patients usually take their kids to a dentist when he or she is around 18-24 months old.

The Importance of Primary Teeth

It is crucial to understand that primary teeth are very important due to a number of reasons. For instance, they help kids to chew naturally and speak clearly. In addition to that, primary teeth form a path through which permanent teeth will grow once they get ready to erupt.

Temporary Teeth Might Have Permanent Implications

It is true that baby teeth will not last forever, but parents need to understand that they will have a lasting impact on their child’s dental health. Strong and healthy baby teeth will make it easy for kids to speak and crunch nutritious food.

A healthy smile will even boost the confidence of your kid. Apart from that, baby teeth will be serving as placeholders for permanent teeth, which mean that any kind of disruption, which goes untreated, will result in serious issues later.

Types of Pediatric Dental Procedures

The dental needs of kids will significantly vary from one to another, which is one of the major reasons why a wide range of pediatric dental services are available out there. Here are some of the common services offered by a pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi.

Preventive Care and Cleanings

Scheduling a checkup with an experienced and trained pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi at least once every six months is essential if you want to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and clean. During the visit, you can professionally clean your kid’s teeth.

The dentist will also be able to keep a close eye on the oral health of the child, which is very important. This is because it will enable the dentist to identify issues very early and treat them.


Fluoride treatments will strengthen the teeth of your kid along with preventing cavities and the build-up of plaque and tartar.


If a tooth is damaged due to injury or decay, then a filling will restore its function and stability.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, you can also find bonding, extractions, crowns, and more in the services offered by a pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi.


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