How to care for your teeth after a root canal?

How to care for your teeth after a root canal?

Your endodontist after the root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi will give you after sales instructions for the pain management and the care for your tooth after recovering from the root canal treatment. After the procedure is done, it is important to follow adequate care for the temporary filling or crown in its place.

There is a medication required for numbing your mouth during the procedure wears off and you might not feel so comfortable due to the tenderness in your jaw. The mouth remains opened and there will be a mild sore feeling in your jaw. These are some of the temporary symptoms that can be cured with the OTC medication but the doctor might prescribe a stronger medication, and in some cases, narcotics medication. Root canal or dental implants in Abu Dhabi, the choice could be made by your dentist for appropriately treating your affected tooth.

After the root canal, it is important to follow the instructions for the medications as some medicines can make you drowsy and you need to consume them at the prescribed timings. For example, some medicines are only meant for consumption at night because it is risky to stay active or do daily activities like driving a car or operating any machinery at your workplace.

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Everyone has a different sensation for the treated tooth and the after-effects of root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi may vary for the different personnel. You must contact your endodontist immediately if you experience any such symptoms:

  • Visible swelling inside or outside your mouth region
  • Severe pressure or pain lasting for more than a few days
  • Uneven biting experience
  • Any allergic reaction to the medication (itching, hives, or any rashes)
  • Temporary crown or filling coming out (in thick layers, or the whole)
  • Symptoms you experienced before the treatment coming back

It is advisable to get consultation and treatment for your teeth from expert dentists in Abu Dhabi. There are even options available for full mouth rehabilitation in Abu Dhabi that offer a step-by-step explanation of the procedures and the benefits you can get after the treatment.

Root Canal Post-Treatment Processes

After the procedure, you must wait till the numb feeling in your mouth goes off. Take care not to bite your cheek or tongue as it will leave a pain later on. Do not chew or bite down the treated tooth in a normal way till it is fully restored by the dentist. You must understand that your dentist will cover the tooth and then only it will be finally done. Remember that regular brushing and flossing are needed to keep the tooth area clean and to avoid the spread of infection.

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Once the root canal and follow-up are completed, you will be required to visit your dentist for the final crowning process. It is important to make the appointment sooner as suggested by your endodontist. The tooth that is properly treated and restored will last for long, just as your natural teeth. Taking care of your teeth is mandatory and the dentist will advise regular brushing, checkups, flossing, and cleaning of the teeth to avoid any issues in the long run. Your treated tooth may require any treatment again after some years of the first procedure but by following the guidelines of experts, the tooth can be saved and remain serving you for long.

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